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More than Skate Sharpening


Better Player Pro Shop is more than a simple place to get you skates sharpened. We take pride in making sure that the point at which all your skill meets the ice is well taken care of. Your skate blade is the point at which you contact the ice, if it is not a good edge or a solid point of contact then it doesn't matter how good you are, your not going to be successful.

Better Player Pro Shop wants to be your complete skate shop offering the highest level of sharpening guaranteed. If your not satisfied with or edge, let us know and we will work to make it right. We can give you a regular grind or we can do the newer flat bottom V. We sell the highest Grade tape in the world, Howies hockey tape come in and give it a try we guarantee you will like it. We also do equipment sanitizing with our Fresh Gear Machine. We also offer skate blade profiling and minor skate & equipment repair services.

Come check us out, you will be happy you did!

Better Player Brands

better player hockey and skating programs

Better Player Skating Programs

Better Player was founded on a promise to deliver the best learn-to-skate programs in the Edmonton area. As skaters improved, our programs evolved. While still offering learn-to-skate programs, Better Player now focuses on individual and team development, and has a program for all ages and skill levels.

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better player hockey and skating development

Better Player Development

Our development centre is one-of-a-kind facility where players can train like never before. Skate on an NHL-size surface, develop your strength in our gym, improve core strengh in the pool, improve your stride on our indoor stride machine, or work on your off-ice conditioning using our outdoor track facilities.