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A Hockey Training Facility Like No Other


Our facility is better and offers more than other programs, all under one roof. Imagine a place where you can play hockey, shoot pucks, train, stickhandle, run, swim and have fun. Think big - think better - and you've got the Better Player Development Centre. We even have a Pro Shop to ensure the most important piece of equipment is always ready to perform, we profile, sharpen and maintain your skates as well.

Our development centre is one of a kind. It includes puck-handling ranges and shooting lanes, as well as an indoor stride machine as seen used by professional skaters all over the world. The development centre is open to all Better Player customers, and you may choose a training package and schedule that suits you best.

The Better Player Development Centre is the complete centre that will make all players Better.

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Please use the following form to book private, team, or individual sessions in our development centre. You can also register online for some of our development programs.


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