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Programs for All Ages and Skill Levels

Better Player prides itself on offering the most diverse range of skating programs and hockey camps in Edmonton and area. Our programs accommodate players of all ages and skill levels.

Signature programs:

  • Better to Best Hockey Program
  • Best Start to Hockey Program
  • Better Skater Program

Better To Best Hockey Program

Better Player's Better to Best Programs are designed for the hockey player that is dedicated to getting better and becoming the best they possibly can be. The main focus of all Better Player programs is skating. We teach all players the basic fundamentals and mechanics of a powerful, strong skating stride. Once we have that in place, we work to make it better. We add edge control, body control, foot speed, explosiveness and power to that solid basic platform. This gives us the best platform to train and create the best players on the ice. At better player we realize the importance of skating but we also know that if you're always the first to the puck you also need to be able to do something with it when you get there. So we teach Shooting, Passing, Puck handling and mental aspects of the game to all players. Anybody can do better but Better Player will make you the BEST!

Best Start to Hockey Program

Better Player believes that a great positive start to hockey is the foundation for a long lasting love of the game. So we have developed a program for younger first or second year hockey players, that simply want to get started in hockey, This program is for 4 to 6 year olds that are just about to start their first season or have finished one season and are going to start a second season. We teach basic skating and basic puck handling in an informal manner and the experience is based on having fun and taking the first steps into the best game on ice, hockey!

Better Skater Program

Better Player offers a unique program for hockey players, ringette players and recreational skaters. We have our better skater program that is only skating. It is a program for the 4 year old learning to skate, as well we can take the 50 year old that simply wants stay in shape. We offer something for every age group and every skill level. The Better Skater program will take a skater through a well planned progression of balance, control and agility to develop a superior technical skater. These skaters are more capable of handling themselves because they have a stride that generates maximum speed with minimum effort and the have mastered edges and stopping. Throughout the program skaters will develop using his or her body in a coordinated effort to develop maximum power.

Be a Better Player

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better player hockey and skating programs

Better Player Skating Programs

Better Player was founded on a promise to deliver the best learn-to-skate programs in the Edmonton area. As skaters improved, our programs evolved. While still offering learn-to-skate programs, Better Player now focuses on individual and team development, and has a program for all ages and skill levels.

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better player hockey and skating development

Better Player Development

Our development centre is one-of-a-kind facility where players can train like never before. Skate on an NHL-size surface, develop your strength in our gym, improve core strengh in the pool, improve your stride on our indoor stride machine, or work on your off-ice conditioning using our outdoor track facilities.


What You Get From Better Player

Better Player was founded as a team of hockey instructors dedicated to providing the best learn-to-skate programs in Edmonton & area. Over the years we have helped skaters of all ages in a private and public session environment. Many of our skaters excel to new skating heights and return to take part in one of our many hockey training and development programs.

Beyond our learn-to-skate programs, Better Player offers a wide range of hockey extras to improve both individual and team performance. Our coaching clinics, stickhandling camps, shooting programs and one-on-one instruction options provide the necessities and beyond for players of all ages and teams of all levels.

We offer dozens of skating programs at arenas in and around Edmonton. Our on-ice instruction includes skating, stickhanding, shooting, defending and more. We also work with teams and organizations to deliver our curriculum in their own environment as it applies to their specific needs and team development.

Our off-ice instruction programs are offered in and around Edmonton. Programs include coach-the-coach, audio/visual, dryland training and strength-fitness training.


Programs for Teams

On-Ice Programs
On-Ice Programs

Work with Better Player on all aspects of the game, as a team, led by our experienced instructors. Better Player offers set programs for team development and can also custom-tailor sessions based on your team's specific needs or requirements.

Off-Ice Programs
Off-Ice Programs

Off-ice training is an essential part of any hockey players development. Better Player has programs to accommodate both individuals and teams. Our off-ice programs include team building and conditioning programs geared towards improvement in the areas of strength, flexibility, agility and dexterity.


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